Sunday, November 22, 2009

A Little Crazy

WARNING: The Character List and the Summary contain *spoilers*, because it's a play and that's just how they're formatted. Everything up front! So if you wanna be surprised, skip to Act I.


A Little Crazy by Kelly Morrison

With only a few days to prepare for his father’s visit, Marshall must create the illusion of a normal life despite the antics of his spiritually in tune girlfriend and his time traveling roommate.

A portion was read at National Arts Centre 4th stage during the Algonquin Hot House Reading Series in 2007. My wonderful actors got a lot of laughs.

This is only Act I. If you'd like to read Act II, please email me at kelamorrison @ (without the spaces.)


Sandra said...

It's gonna take me a while to go through all your scripts! Can't wait to read them though. I can't find the Shadow Man one it under a different name?

The template cost me $30, but there are cheaper/more expensive ones you can choose from. You can find them on The girl who does them is super nice and will pretty much do whatever you want her to.

Kelly Anne Morrison said...

I'm going to send you the pdf for that because I don't have the full version on here.

Also I'm going put a link to your site on my blog (if that's okay)