Monday, November 16, 2009

Once Upon a Dream


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Once Upon a Dream by Kelly Morrison

By day Stella is shy and plain, but in her dreams she is bold and beautiful. Night after night Stella dreams of extraordinary adventures where she rescues her true love, Milo, from deadly threats. In reality Milo is the cute new boy in school who doesn’t even know Stella exists. Stella is content deluding herself with her fantasy life until characters from her dreams start leaking into the actual world and attacking the real Milo. Suddenly her life is a nightmare haunted by a dark enemy she knows only as Shadow Man. Stella must become the girl of her dreams to save the boy of her dreams

This is a portion of a screenplay taken from the middle of Act II. If you'd like to read the script in it's entirety, please email me at kelamorrison @ (without the spaces) and I'd be happy to send it to you. It's just a precaution to keep track of who has copies.


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Anonymous said...

Just finished your screenplay, sorry it took me so long. It was so good!!!! I really enjoyed reading it and I did not see that twist at the end!! Good work ;)